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If you are going to use our predictions for the purpose of making money, making bets at the Betting Office, you should always remember and realize that sport has a hard-to-predict character, and bets are always associated with a significant degree of risk! By making bets on sporting events, you can not only significantly increase your capital, but also completely lose it! The information provided in the form of a prediction is a subjective point of view of the authors of the prediction; the prediction may not coincide with the real final result of a sports event and does not guarantee a profit!

If you nevertheless decided to place a bet, you never need to bet the entire amount of the having "bank" on one event. In the course of a competition (football, tennis, basketball or hockey) there can always be a number of nuances that can change the course of the game against the prediction: injury, removal, goals in compensated time, errors of referees and goalkeepers. No one is immune from this and it is impossible to predict such options. In order to avoid losing the "bank" after one unsuccessful bet, divide it into 8-10 equal parts.

In order to earn at sports betting, you need to have many qualities: from professional knowledge in a particular sport, such as: athletes' playing standards, injuries, disqualifications, statistics of the latest games, mathematical scores, percentage odds and even weather conditions. Personal characteristics are also taken into account: calmness, composure, balance. It is quite rare to find a person in whom this symbiosis is combined organically. That is why it is always logical and appropriate to use proven resources that provide information in the form of predictions for certain sporting events.

Using our predictions will help avoid common mistakes made by inexperienced bettors and minimize risks!

Remember that a solid financial income in the game world with bookmakers is not achieved with lightning speed. You should never risk more than 20% of the "bank" on one bet, even if the fight seems to be "winning train". Eliminate the notion of "team must win" from your vocabulary. No one owes nothing to anyone, especially in sports.

Of course, all the above rules must be observed not only by UpBet customers, but also by all lovers of bets without exception. Professional betting eliminates the possibility of becoming a millionaire in one day. This is hard work, and all lovers to break the "jackpot" are better suited to the lottery or slot machines.

It is important to adhere to the recommendations and avoid common mistakes! does not accept bets and does not play for money, but provides only advisory services in the form of predictions of the results of sporting events on conditions of the offer

We wish you good luck!